Why should I have a Oil Warmer?

Electric Oil Warmers by Secret of Essence

Do you love to walk in a room full of wonderful fragrances? Most of us do. You can have wonderful fragrance floating throughout your home or place of business by investing in oil warmers.

What are oil warmers?

Oil warmers are devices designed to help you eliminate bad odors from your home or business, while allowing you to change up the scent whenever you are in the mood for something new. The oil warmers heat up your scented oils so pleasant fragrances can be released in your home or business. The devices are similar to scented candles, however, the oil warmers will grant you the opportunity to try out different scents on a day to day basis.

If you have never used oil warmers before, you have two kinds to choose from – the traditional oil warmer and the electric oil warmer. Traditional oil warmers use a flame to heat up scented oils. The electric oil warmer allows you to simply plug it up to a oil to heat up your scented oils. This is perfect for environments where children and pets are present because you do not have to worry about blowing out flames or children and pets knocking down the oil warmer.

You can use all kinds of scented oils with your oil warmers. Have a look at Secret of Essence’s home fragrance oils and essential oils to review your options. You can use as little or as much scented oil as you like in your oil warmers.

Some scented oils can even help improve your indoor air quality by killing bacteria( particularly diffused oils kill bacteria and airborne viruses).

Check out the great essentials Secret of Essence has to offer. Here are examples below:

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