What is a Chew Stick?

Among our extensive product line here at Secret of Essence, we offer a wide variety of chew sticks including cherry, grape, natural, peppermint, strawberry, and vanilla flavors. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? But you may still be wondering what exactly a chew stick is and why you should use them. Secret of Essence is here to fill you in on the history of the chew stick.

Have you ever wondered how people kept their teeth clean for centuries without modern toothbrushes and minty fresh mouthwash? Their answer was a simple yet very effective one: the chew stick. A chew stick is a kind of frayed twig that you chew on to clean your teeth. The chewing motion loosens any food or plaque caught in or on your teeth and also helps the blood flow to your gums. Chew sticks can come from a variety of different plants, including several kinds of trees and the licorice bush.

Historically, chew sticks have been around for thousands of years, so why use them today? Some people are simply looking for a more natural way to live, and choose to incorporate chew sticks into their dental hygiene routine to avoid the chemicals and synthetic fibers of modern toothbrushes and toothpastes. Chew sticks serve their purpose very well, and have been linked to better gum and tooth health. Some chew stick varieties, depending on the plant they come from, even have antiseptic and astringent properties that are beneficial to your mouth.

A chew stick could also been a healthier alternative to curb your appetite for some unhealthy vices. Are you a frequent snacker who is looking to lose weight? Chewing on a chew stick can discourage you from overeating while giving your mouth a healthy treatment. Are you a smoker who is looking to quit? Use a chew stick to occupy your mouth rather than an unhealthy cigarette.

No matter what purpose you want them for, isn’t it time to give chew sticks a try? Come to Secret of Essence for your favorite chew stick flavor and see the different that they make.

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