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One of the biggest trends lately is to take the luxury of the spa experience and bring it to your own home. With a home spa, you have the benefit of privacy and comfort while still getting to indulge yourself. What’s the best way to go about creating a home spa? We at Secret of Essence have a few suggestions for you.

First, pick a scent that is appealing to you and that has calming effects. A floral scent, such as jasmine, or an earthier scent, such as sage, could be the perfect fit for you. Secret of Essence carries a wide variety of incense and oil diffusers to fill your whole home spa with the scent you choose.

Next, use other elements to create a soothing atmosphere. Some people choose to incorporate sound machines with either soft music or the sounds of running water to further elevate their home spa to a professional level of quality. You can also, when thinking about the décor of your home spa, use natural features such as stones and untreated wood to give your home spa the right feel.

In order to create a true home spa experience, you want to be sure that every sense is indulged. Select high quality bath and body products for your at-home treatments. These products should combine soothing scents with healing properties. Secret of Essence carries an extensive line of Nubian Heritage products, including African Black Soap, which is known for its detoxifying properties. And don’t forget that your treatments should go from head to toe. Use Nature’s Blessing Herbal Hair Pomade for an all-natural hair restoration experience, and treat dry, tired feet with an application of Secret of Essence’s Pure Raw African Shea Butter, one of the most powerful moisturizers you can find.

Creating a home spa experience can be easy with the help of Secret of Essence’s products and knowledgeable staff. To see our full range of products, check out our homepage.

Summer Body Washes by Nubian Heritage

Here at Secret of Essence we offer fine body oils, exotic incenses, body fragrances, scented wax buttons and aromatherapy oils and burners. Yes, our fragrances and body oils can be made into custom perfumes and lotions.

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